Comprehensive Breast Health Program

  • Funds mammograms and ultrasounds for uninsured or underinsured women and men living in Kern County.
  • Breast Health Screenings
  • Mobile Mammogram Events

If your doctor recommends that you have a mammogram, ultrasound or needle biopsy, and if you qualify for the Links for Life program, your doctor will help you complete an application.  Then your doctor’s office will typically fax the application to our office. 

Our volunteer board reviews applications every Monday.  After approval, your paperwork will be faxed back to your doctor.  Your doctor’s office will contact you and provide you with the approval and a list of  radiology centers  that accept payment from Links for Life. 

You will then make an appointment at an approved facility and have your procedure.  The bill will come directly to Links for Life and your results will be returned to your doctor’s office.

If your doctor needs additional forms or information, they can call our office at (661) 322-5601.

Links for Life works with all doctors and clinics in Kern County. There are various doctors and clinics in Kern County that will see you based on your ability to pay.

Every Woman Counts is a program through the California Department of Health Services that will provide assistance to those 40+ years of age. You can find more information at the California Department of Health Care Services site.

If you have a concern about your breast health, don’t put off seeing a doctor!