Our Wig Boutiquees has an assortment of wigs and head coverings that can be worn for any occasion. The boutique is a warm, cozy place for women to feel comfortable selecting a wig or trying on other types of head coverings.

Our Patient Advocates are available to meet with clients to gently walk them through the process of measuring to
ensure a proper fit, and finding a wig or head covering that’s perfect for them.

The Wig Boutique in our Links for Life office also has a limited number of bras & prosthetics that are available at no cost.

The Wig Boutique has appointments from 9:30 am-3:00 pm.  An appointment typically lasts up to an hour.

Links for Life Wig Boutique

5301 Office Park Drive
Suite 370, 93309
Contact us for an appointment
(661) 322-5601 or staff@linksforlife.org