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wigboutiqueOur Links for Life Wig Boutique empowers women with hair loss to regain self-respect and strength to deal with the challenges brought on by a cancer diagnosis. Maintaining a look of health and well-being promotes a positive outlook, and can help support a positive response from you immune system.

While the loss of hair is a positive indication that chemotherapy is working, it still can be difficult to deal with. The right wig, hat or scarf can make a big difference in your daily life.

Our Wig Boutique has an assortment of wigs and head coverings that can be worn for any occasion. The boutique is a warm, cozy place for women to feel comfortable selecting a wig or trying on other types of head coverings. Our Wig Specialist is available to meet with clients to gently walk them through the process of measuring to ensure a proper fit, and finding a wig or head covering that’s perfect for them.

The downtown Wig Boutique also has a limited number of bras & prosthetics that are available at no cost.

Both Wig Boutiques are open by appointment only between 10:30 am and 3:00 pm. The Downtown Wig Boutique is open Monday, Thursday and Friday, and the CBCC Boutique is open on Tuesday and Wednesday. An appointment typically lasts up to an hour.

To make an appointment please call the appropriate location.

Links for Life Missing Link Wig Boutique                                    CBCC Breast Center Wig Boutique

Monday, Thursday, Friday                                                             Tuesday & Wednesday

5301 Office Park Dr. Ste. 370                                                        6501 Truxtun Avenue

(661) 322-5601                                                                              (661) 616-1643

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