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Our Annual Campaign for Awareness and Fundraising

Links for Life is a nonprofit Breast Cancer support and services organization located in Bakersfield, California and the greater Kern County area.
Our mission is:

  • To provide an organization to benefit persons and families affected by breast cancer.
  • To challenge each woman in Kern County to be aware of her breast health and promote support for those affected.
  • To educate the general public about breast health services for women coping with cancer.


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Links for Life partners with Kern Community Foundation to provide three scholarships for students that have parents or guardians that have received a breast cancer diagnosis.

Alexis "Lexi" Gonzales is our second Mary Anne Walz scholarship recipient. Her mom was diagnosed with breast cancer when she was in fourth grade. Although seeing her mom go through treatment was difficult, she said that she would always work to 'find the positive in everything and have fun with the whole process.' Although her mom is now six years cancer free, Lexi chose Bakersfield College in order to be closer to her mom and family. They grew very close during her season with cancer and it is more affordable.

Reflecting on her mom's diagnosis, Lexi shared: "I wouldn’t change the way this experience went down, because it made me stronger as an individual. It made me realize that no matter what situation I’m put in I will always be able to
get through it and I will always have my family and friends right there behind me to back me up and support me no matter what situation I’m given. I’m proud of the things I achieved in such a gloomy part of my life, but this is what made me who I am today. And without this experience I
wouldn’t have gained the many life lessons that I did, during this time."

Congratulations Lexi! We are BC!

Learn more about Kern Community Foundation scholarships -

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Did you know that the 'root word ‘wig’ is derived from the word ‘periwig’. The term first showed up in documented English literature around approximately 1675 AD.' -

Thanks to our many supporters, especially #CBCC and #DignityHealthBakersfield, we have two wig boutiques serving Kern County.

Our wig specialist Susan looks forward to your visits soon! #support #service #wigWednesday

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